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The art of baking

I was born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and spent part of my early years in what is currently Zambia. I learnt to cook, quite literally, at my Grandmother’s knee. Earliest recollection of Granny’s cooking is of Peanut Butter cookies. I ate them hot out of the oven, great! … and was promptly sick from over-eating. I still can’t stand the smell of Peanut Butter. Granny’s system, like many of her generation, was a handful of this, pinch of that, did we add xyz? Mom was less of a cook but taught me to use recipes – what a wonderful invention.

I chose to cook sweet things and the family will confirm that I am not a great meals cook. But I can and do make cakes and biscuits and pies and have recently discovered food porn in the form of entremets. Thomas Trillion, ladies, if you are interested. He makes divine desserts in Hong Kong but you can still drool over the computer. I took cake decorating classes in London and made a few Christmas and birthday cakes for friends and all four wedding cakes for the children. I also discovered the Internet and how easy it is to find online classes. Slowly building up my expertise.
Once in Australia I took on the grandmother role and had Oliver sitting on the benchtop while we made dinosaur biscuits, etc. Then along came cupcakes for charity at the golf club and then dessert Bars for birthdays and weddings. I only recently obtained Council approval to run a home baking business and now sell at local markets and take personal orders.


Cakes, Cupcakes and Deserts

Cakes for all occasions, homemade with love from Oliver’s Granny

Afternoon Tea Box

Choose a box of goodies to take with you in order to make a simple get together that little bit more special

Celebration Cakes

If you are finding yourself time poor or just don’t fancy the whole cake making issue, then allow me to help out.


What is a cupcake? It is a delightful few bites of cake and frosting that is truly just yours. Only share if you want to.

Desert Bars

A prettily presented table filled with a delicious selection of small desserts is sure to please everyone.

Latest Creations

Here are my latest creations – to view the whole gallery click here

Sonic Cake

Sonic cake

Turtle cake

Turtle cake

Paw Patrol for Kruze

Paw Patrol for Kruze

Sweets for Jemma

Sweets for Jemma

Princess Poppy Cake

Princess Poppy cake

Samuel's Zoo cake

Samuel’s Zoo cake

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